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                            ilianet Gonzalez, Administrative Assistant

                                          305.450.3952 / ilianet@FCSS.us

Ilianet Gonzalez is one of our Administrative Assistants and Accounts Specialist. She is responsible for billing, invoicing, records custodian and personnel matters. Ilianet is also responsible for customer accounts, client inquiries, field contacts and customer support. 

She is presently seeking a Bachelors in Business.



                              Sasheen Laing, Lead Accounts Specialist

                                            305.842.9668 / Sasheen@FCSS.us

Sasheen Laing is one of our Lead Accounts Specialist. She is responsible for customer accounts, customer support matters and inquiries, field contacts and employee scheduling. Sasheen previously worked in Corporate Hospitality for a Caribbean Corporation and brings her knowledge and experience to FCSS with an Associates Degree in Business Management.

                           GB Forest, Director 

                                                 786.223.4242  / GB@FCSS.us

GB Forest is the Director. He oversees the day to day operations for FCSS and is our Senior Accounts Director. GB has been in the Security Industry for over twenty five years, with over eighteen years of full time Police Officer/Sergeant experience. GB has served as a Police Officer Trainer, a Private Security Officer Trainer, a Government Locksmith and Trainer, in undercover Retail Security and a Trainer in employee/customer thefts and was the Security Director for a National Security firm.

In the State of Florida, GB is a certified Police Officer, a certified Field Training Police Officer, a certified Police Officer Instructor, a licensed Security Agency Manager, a licensed Investigative Agency Manager, a licensed Armed and Unarmed Security Officer, a licensed Private Investigator, a Firearms Instructor and a certified Locksmith.



                              Alberto J. Poggio, Director of Marketing


Alberto J. Poggio is our Director of Marketing and First Responder Training. He is responsible for developing and servicing new customer accounts and also oversees our First Responder Training Division. Alberto started his career in Marketing with an International Business Corporation where he was responsible for servicing Latin America and the Caribbean. After the attack of 9/11, he redirected his profession and became a Paramedic with Fire-Rescue. He continued his education, earning an Associates in Science in Emergency Medical Services and also completed the Law Enforcement Academy. In the State of Florida, he is a certified EMT-Paramedic and a certified Police Officer.


                                Liddy Reynolds, Chief Administrative Officer

                                                786.975.3320 / Liddy@FCSS.us

Liddy Reynolds is our Chief Administrative Officer and an Accounts Specialist. She oversees FCSS support staff that is responsible for billing, invoicing, scheduling, records custodian and personnel matters. Liddy is also responsible for customer accounts, client inquiries, field contacts and customer support.

Liddy previously worked as a Personnel Assistant for an international manufacturing corporation and brings her wealth of personnel experience to FCSS with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management.

About FCSS

FCSS is a Florida based asset protection security firm founded by our corporate officers with backgrounds in law enforcement. 

The training, discipline and experience of that background gives FCSS a unique advantage to select and train our staff of officers, supervisors and support personnel to the highest standards of security and asset protection. This enables our security officers to deliver the highest quality of service to protect you, your employees and property.

Anytime day or night, you may contact FCSS to request security or answer any questions. Our supervisors are assigned to ensure services are properly in place and to assist our officers in their responsibilities and requirements.

Our office personnel handles operations and personnel matters, post scheduling, employee payroll, customer billing and invoicing, purchase equipment and records custodian.

FCSS also provides construction security services. Please visit Florida Construction Security Services, providing a wide variety of Security Guard Services for all types of construction properties.

Please contact Florida Commercial Security Services to learn how our services will benefit you.